August 25, 2014

last of a Colorado summer

with a new passport and miles burning a hole in my pocket i've decided to leave for Asia in a few weeks.  it's the right time  for me to take an extended trip.  for the last 18 months i've been raising a puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Toga, a female yellow lab, was released from the program for a minor medical issue and i've placed her with an organization where she will continue her training as a therapy dog and work with children and adults with special needs.  before i head back to Asia i plan to enjoy the last bit of summer in the mountains of Colorado hitting up some of my favorite spots.  first up, Half Moon Creek. it's a creek that's fed from Mount Elbert and Mount Massive outside of Leadville, Colorado.  it's quiet and restive and there's a good chance to see beavers playing on the river or deer coming down for a drink at dusk.  i set up camp and relax sans technology.  there is some wireless access but only at certain times of the day when the satelites are directly above.

not to worry though, the town of Leadville is just ten minutes away and small enough that there isn't even a McDonalds.  instead there is an assortment of cafes and restaurants that serve excellent food.  One of my favorites is the Tennessee Pass restaurant where I'm never disappointed and your dog is welcome on the side porch.  there are hot showers at the local laundry but they looked and smelled really bad so someone told me they offer showers at the local high school.  there's tons to explore and plenty of mountains to climb.  i get in a few hikes and after a few days i'll head down the road towards Buena Vista.

August 23, 2014

crying like a baby

i went in to the doctor's office to get a few inoculations this week and today i am crying like a baby.  they really hurt but i suppose it's better than getting something nasty and completely avoidable.  my friend says, 'it's hard to really feel sorry for you' so that shut me up but IT STILL HURTS.