March 14, 2018

true devotion

there is a rich and vibrant history behind the processions during lent.  the reasons for these processions are in line with the catholic themes of introspection, devotion and penance.  what the processions have become are quite a distortion of those original concepts.  

participation today is based purely on economics.  participants carry the floats for a set distance [about a 1/2 mile].  the cost to participate is based on where during the route you carry [higher visibility areas cost more] and where on the float you stationed.

devotional is not a word i would use to describe this ritual.  the participants are on average as devotional as a two year old in church.  introspection? not when you can't put your cell phone down for your 20 minute shift.  penance?  yep, walking in the hot sun carrying a float that weighs up to 700 pounds is brutal.  

makes you wonder what would jesus say?

March 12, 2018


March 3, 2018


lent.  it's been around for a long time - like 2000 years.  it is called cuaresma here.  most people know what ash wensday is but the significance here is amplified.  this year the begining of a time of austerity and internalization for catholics lands on a day otherwise known best for a celebration of lovers.  february 14. so a bit awkward.

mardi gras isn't really a thing here but they give lent a whole new meaning.

i haven't commented on this because i've been watching and trying to understand the unique relationship Antigua and Guatemala has with lent [cuaresma].  also, as an outsider it is really easy to see the rediculousness of the traditions.

when i first arrived i was creeped out by the veneration of the religious statues in the churches.  i'm not sure why, i grew up in the catholic church, i had been around them all my life.  maybe i have spent too much time in the east.  

these religious statues are kept year round is specific churches.  each week during lent there are processions as statues are moved from church to church or on sundays, they are just taken out for a really long walk.  so more on the processions next....

March 2, 2018

new boots

total gringo thing to do but i love them and they are sooo comfortable.  a pueblo outside Antigua called Pastores is known for making boots.  so about two weeks ago i went out to see about a new pair of boots.  the cream color caught my eye and so i had a pair made.  i went out to pick them up last week and i was really not happy because they were too big.  went back out today and they fit perfect.

i had been resistant to getting some made because they are leather which gives me a twinge of guilt but at at $40US i had to have me a pair.