September 5, 2010

taking on number one

today i left my new home in Boulder for a quick run out to the Grand Canyon. i sign in at the new position in a week so I am going to clear my head, log some miles on the hiking boots and dip my feet into the mighty Colorado. plus when i tell my brother he comments that of course I should go because it's been AT LEAST three weeks since i've been on a roadtrip.

feeling on top of the world and knowing i'll be out of mobile service most of the week i put a call into mom. without going through the painful details of what transpired i never got to the part of "hey mom, i'm headed for the Grand Canyon for a week, isn't that cool?" instead, the first moment i feel she is threatening my new happiness I go off uncontrollably about how she is never supportive of anything I do. so unless someone else told her she has no idea that i'm hiking down the Grand Canyon and camping at the bottom.
willie dawg, however, is up for anything, anytime and a roadtrip sounds good to him.

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