April 29, 2015

not a secret

i was walking with a fellow american after a yoga class.  we were talking about nothing and she started asking me questions about Myanmar.  just the usual stuff, then she asked how big the country was and i said about a 2 hour plane ride from border to border.  next she asked how many people and i said, 'the government census last year said there were 50 million but they don't count the people in the concentration camps.'  she thought that i was kidding.  it was just another one of thosse moments when i realize how crazy the country is and how little people know about it.

WAKE UP WORLD - there are concentration camps in Myanmar and it is not a secret.  in fact it's been quite widely reported.  and yes, someone should tell Obama.  he didn't mention it when he visited last November.

even Aung San Su Kyi doesn't talk about it and she's the poster child for human rights violations in the country.  i pray that behind the scenes people are working on this issue because it's not getting the attention it deserves.




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