January 6, 2016

island dogs

enough about puppies, these are the dogs on my street.  i've said before and it still amazes me that i've never seen a dog on a leash in thailand and it doesn't create chaos or anarchy.  it just works.  the dogs don't belong to people ... they just are.  

although there are westerners who have created organizations to care for dogs and provide neutering services it is not generally practiced by Thais.

there was one dog that seemed to belong to my bungalow.  she was there when i woke up every morning and seemed very playful.  in Thailand people don't wear shoes inside the house so as usual i left my shoes outside.

the first morning i woke i noticed a few chew marks on one of my shoes.  fair enough, i thought maybe she was hungry so the next night i left out a few nuts and put my shoes up on top of the rail.  

in the morning, the nuts were left untouched and my shoe pulled off the rail and chewed up.  i caught her and even though i didn't say a thing she was properly shamed.  i imagine she's a shoe addict and will have to confess at her next addiction meetup.  i loved those shoes and they are replaceable but i just wish dogs were more attracted to the less expensive shoes.

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