August 8, 2016

love in Tanzania

being single i get asked about the men in my life.  i was warned early on by a fellow american expat to NOT fall in love with a native as it could only lead to heartbreak.  the concept of monogamy here is not widely understood or practiced.  i heeded this advice and when someone else mentioned they were on tinder i asked what was available in our little town.   this is what she sent me.  enjoy.

one of the staff told me a story from their village.  a girl presented a boy from another village to her father and said they wanted to be married.  the father pulls the girl aside and whispers - not this one he is your brother.  so another year goes by and the daughter comes once again to her father with a different boy from a neighboring village and again the father pulls her aside and whispers, not this one, he is your brother.  heartbroken, she goes to her mother and says, how can you put up with such a husband?   the mother replies, whatever do you mean?  and the daughter says, he's been sleeping with women in other villages and now there are no boys i can marry.  the mother then says, marry whomever you want, he's not your father.  

fortunately, i make myself laugh, alot, so even when i am alone i'm never lonely.  there are enough expats here that it is easy to ring someone up for chat or with friends spread around the world i always can find someone awake.  if all else fails, i blog :) 

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