September 20, 2016

a birthday in rwanda

happy birthday to me.  it's a big one and i feel much younger than i am but it's also hugely freeing to now say, 'well, i'm quite old now' for an excuse ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.  seriously, i'm using it all the time, if it's raining, if the sun is out, if it's cold, if i'm late, if i'm early, if i want another glass or wine, if i want to go home early, if i want a different seat on the plane.  the only time it really doesn't seem to work is when i try it with someone older than me then they just laugh and say nice try.

i get a lovely package from home for my birthday and it's full of surprises.  my friends and family wrapped everything in beautiful packaging, so when i arrive to pick up my package, i get to stand at the counter as customes unwraps EVERY ONE of my gifts to be sure there is nothing taxable.  i think i made them feel really bad because i wiped away tears as i said pole [sorry] to everyone who was waiting in line behind me explaining it was special gifts from my family.

anyway it worked well because the custom guy remembers me and subsequent packages don't get opened.  

my girlfriend in Rwanda had a big party for me with cake and candles that shoot fireworks and friends from Kigali so it was way more than i expected.  thanks to everyone who shared some love with me.

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