November 9, 2016

i blame it on the arab spring

last night i could barely get to sleep i was so excited and i set my alarm for 5am to get up and watch the election results come in.  for me it would be like christmas - opening a present with the first american woman president.  but that was not to be, instead, i woke up, checked the results and was so disgusted i went back to sleep.

i wanted to just keep sleeping but i had a new staff member joining today so i couldn't crawl under the blankets and cry like i wanted to.  instead i dragged myself into the office, walking slowly in the heat and crying a little bit.  i picked some flowers along the way and kilimanjaro was showing through the clouds but even that couldn't cheer me. when i got to the office no one would even look at me.  fortunately there is so much chaos at the office that it was a good distraction all day.  only one person was brave enough to ask about it.

for people who have empathy or believe using positive energy will change the world this is a sad day.  the american people have spoken and as in every presidential election only half of the people get their way.

i blame this election on the arab spring.  we watched as 'everyman' rose up to take back the power that belonged to them.  then we watched the consequence of lack of leadership and the vacuum created by the transition which hasn't helped 'everyman'.

i can't bring myself to watch the talking heads dissect this election.  i'll just wait to see what the next four years bring.

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