December 19, 2013

swimsuit shopping in december

i put off for too long shopping for a new swimsuit for the central america trip. so now it's -3 F and i'm looking for just the right suit when most stores have long since stopped stocking suits.  still i persist in changing from jeans, snowboots and several top layers into a swimsuit at several stores.  here my final pick....  this has been an easy trip to prepare for and everything fits into my day pack for ease of travel.  swimwear for the island and some heavier clothes for the jungle.  bug spray and sunscreen and i'm good to go!  

i've done a ton of research for this trip looking at places to go and what to do and got some advice from someone who had been recently.  i was in belize 16 years ago but it was a dive trip and only stayed on one of the islands. this time i plan to spend some time in the jungle visiting mayan ruins and even jumping over to Guatemala for a couple of days.  

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