December 22, 2013

why bank of america sucks

tomorrow i'm off on the adventure and i'm packed and ready to go. with all the air traffic delays i try to get out a day earlier and call United Airlines. just as I have the agent talked into rebooking me a day earlier at no extra charge she sees the flight was booked via Bank of America's travel agency and she's locked out from making any changes. 

i have to rant a minute here about BOA.  i had a BOA credit card with some reward points that i wanted to use for this trip but it was really a nightmare, from trying to book a flight online to spending hours on the phone with their customer service and finally even United Airlines couldn't change the reservation because it was made through BOA.  i will never again use BOA for any financial service.  their customer service sucks.

on the other hand earlier this year i picked up Chase's United Explorer Card and could not be more happy with the coverage they offer and their customer service.  i called Chase because while booking a rental the Belizean car agency was pushing their insurance coverage which was pricey.  Chase assured me i was covered and should decline the rental car coverage and provided me a number to call collect if the rental car agency had questions.  in addition the rep reminded me that using my card or all or even part of my travel reservations protects me on any travel interruption.  plus no foreign exchange charges.  that's the kinda company i want to do business with.

meanwhile my friend from London is hanging out in Texas waiting for me to get in for the flight to belize so i decide to get up extra early and standby on the first flight out since my schedule flight leaves no time for delays.  

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