January 20, 2014

post belize post

i've been back two weeks now and i still have dreams of the monkey pot.  on days when i sit in meetings with miserable, burnt out people that can't find a smile my mind wanders back to that moment when i stepped out on top of the Yaxha pyramid and the bliss of the moment washes over me.  also embedded in my consciousness for immediate retrieval is the feeling of floating in crystal clear water with the animals of the reef with my body soaking up the warmth of the sun.

when i checked out at Akbol i discussed with Kirsten an unauthorized charge on my credit card.  she said she'd reverse it but that hasn't happened even though i sent her a polite reminder last week.  so now i'm left to dispute the charge through my credit card company.  just another example of how poorly run Akbol is.

in two weeks i leave for a week in florida and another adventure.

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