February 2, 2014

off to florida

huge day for Denver with the Broncos playing at the Super Bowl.  i'm at the airport and it is blanketed in orange.  even the gate agents are cheerful.  i am not headed to the Super Bowl, i am going to Florida for a week of work/play/escape the cold.  i did go to both the superbowls when the Broncos played and won so i remember all so well the excitement of being at the game.  if the Broncos win i will be sorry to miss the energy of a city celebrating a victory that belongs as much to the fans as the players.  clearly, this woman has invested a large part of her paycheck in orange.

when i left the house this morning it was crisp and cold.  a picture perfect winter morning with a blanket of snow on the ground and a collection of snow on every exposed spot.  magical.  it was also really, really cold.

we are spoilt to have such a great international airport.  sure it's big but it has by far the best food choices of any US airport i've been in.  root down is my favorite but there are others that offer a taste of Colorado including sit downs at Elways, Boulder Beer, Belgium Beer House and the Chophouse.  the airport is clean and there's never a line to use the ladies rest room.  also, i've noticed Denver International Airport has put in filtered water stations inside the security line.  wish more places would do this.  thanks DIA!

3.5 hours is the time it takes to go from 12 degrees in Colorado to 85 degrees in Florida.  

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