October 3, 2015

gangster capitalism

i get asked from time to time about the government in Myanmar.  is there progress being made?  will there be free and fair elections?  

Aung San Suu Kyi has long been a SHERO of mine and part of the reason i had such a fascination about Burma.  i'd read her books and followed her house arrest and the crazy stories like the uninvited american who swam across the lake to her house.  her house is clearly marked on University Avenue with signs for the NLD and the taxi drivers often point it out to me with pride.

she has and will continue to make a difference regardless of how the military regime tries to shut her down and is probably the one person in the country that can bring together all the factions outside the military to unite under one flag.  at the moment it remains a monumental task.  will the november elections be 'free and fair'? 

it doesn't matter.

in the end, the network of cronies are not going to give up power and money.  it will transition more like Russia has with the military elite controlling the economic development and riding the tide of money that will flood the country after the elections.  hopefully that tide will raise up everyone just enough that they can begin to transition into a better place.

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