October 20, 2015

thai healthcare

as i referenced in a recent post, the healthcare in Thailand is the best in Asia and on par with most western countries.  in part the development of the came from the American response of tightening visa controls after the horrific attacks of September 2001.  there was a demand for high quality healthcare for middle eastern clients and Thailand was willing to step up.

there is a hospital reception at the Bangkok airport that will process your admission and shuttle you to the hospital. so it's not so bad if you need to treatment since Bangkok is just an hour flight from Yangon.

the website is available in Thai, English, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.  they offer all inclusive 'fixed priced fly in packages' and it's not just plastic surgery, it's dental, obgyn, heart surgeries at 10% - 20% what it would cost in the US.  

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