May 10, 2016

game drive

with a crazy couple of weeks coming up and having had no breaks since i arrived i took a weekend to get out and enjoy the wildlife.  with a few other women went out to the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, they are right next to each other and are probably the highest rated wildlife viewing areas in East Africa [also on the top 5 most expensive parks in the world]. 

it's surreal and i've been lucky to do this once before.  the second time it is just as amazing to experience these animals as they live and roam.

we only had one day in each park but it seemed around every bend there was another group of animals and another story being played out. we watched water buffalo stare down and chase away lions.  we saw lions hunting and zebra herds that stretched for miles along a trail.  dawn is the most exciting time as the nocturnal animals settle down and the rest of the animals start to wake up and head to the watering hole.

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