May 26, 2016

off to nairobi

the managing director who is also the cofounder, and chairman of the board has been asking me to get up to Nairobi to visit [where he works].  so off i go to Nairobi.  on the flight from Jaro [Kilimanjaro Airport] to Nairobi the pilot did a 360 around kili so that would be the highlight of my day, perhaps even my trip so far. it was awesome. seeing it from above makes it feel like a huge accomplishment. we climbed that bitch!

white around the crater is remaining glaciers - the other white stuff is clouds!
security is massive everywhere in Nairobi.  to get into any shopping center or high end hotel, the car, including the trunk and glove compartment are searched and sometimes you are required to get out of the car as well.  this is the response to the horrific shooting at the mall in 2013.  i chatted with a security analyst at an American Chamber of Commerce event today who said the terrorist threat has been nullified here.  haha.  met the U.S. embassy guys.  the Kenyan Minister of Tourism spoke and accused America of destroying Kenya's tourism trade with irresponsible travel advisories. ballsy I thought when addressing an American group.  There are ongoing attacks against white westerners and christians [mostly in the north away from the wildlife parks] so yeah, i'd keep the advisories in place.

i meet with the Kenyan agent who quit about a week after i arrived Tanzania and listened to 'ways the company could improve' it's products and agent relationships.  all of which were valid points and just outlines the amount of work that needs to be done.

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