September 21, 2014

goodbye Kha San Road - hello Chiang Mai

i'm ready to leave the tourist ghetto and take on Chiang Mai.  i decide to fly [1 hour 15 minutes $60US] instead of taking the night train {12 hours $25US].  i was looking at Lonely Plant guide for recommended accommodations and they have the Four Seasons listed .... since when did LP start listing 5 star resorts?

the trip to Chiang Mai goes really easy and i head out to explore some of the old city.  a group of three  teenage girls approach me on the sidewalk.  they want to ask me some questions and i say yes.  they pulled out a school note book and they have a whole lot of questions and i thought they were going to ask me to do their homework but it was  just a list of questions like, what is your name, where are you from, where are you going .....  they were very serious about it all and i tried to make them laugh a little bit.

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