September 20, 2014

temple hopping in bangkok

temples in Thailand are like churches in Europe - one on every corner.  the biggest, most elaborate, with the tallest, longest, or most emerald seem to be in Bangkok.  it just takes a day or less to see the trinity of temples in Bangkok, unless you take a detour through Chinatown, which I did.  just the highlights, i skipped the Palace Compound because i did it years ago and the number of tourist buses outside made me dizzy.  i did go to Wat Pho and here's the proof in the form of the reclining Budha.  it's all gold so it is pretty cool.  the whole compound was pretty quiet and it was nice to wander around without  the tour groups.  they must have been through earlier in the day when it was cooler.  it is so hot and i'm drenched in sweat.

there are lots of fancy budhas here but more interesting is the conversation i have with a local Thai man who says he is pleased with the  military coup earlier this year and the subsequent installation (last week) of the new prime minister and council.  they expect elections in another year or two.  i didn't comment on how the rest of world frowns upon military coups and supports the results of democratic elections.... last time i was here they were burning tires in the street but that's going to have to wait until another post.

 i got a photo of the Wat Arun lit up at night from the water taxi the previous night when i was making my way ovver to the tourist ghetto a/k/a Khoa San Road.

i limp over to the Wat Arun which is pretty cool because it was decorated with porcelain discarded from Chinese ships who used it as ballast and it's monkey designs are the reward for climbing the very steep steps.  very steep steps, but totally worth it to explore the area and has great views of the city.

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