September 15, 2014

the beach

going to the beach was a fantastic idea.  i stayed at the Siver Sand Resort and my balcony looks down over the beach.  the island has a cozy feel to it but not crowded.  there aren't many americans except a few older men with younger, asian women which is creepy.  it's not just me thinking that either, two european women commented to me about how dizzying it is to watch these asian women accomodating these men.  the western women i know who are of asian descent are strong and independent so it's just odd to see the much different dynamic playing out here.  perhaps it's a situation where eveyone's happy and no one is being exploited and we shouldn't judge.  but we do.

what is spectacular is the beach here ....  in the evening the beach chairs are put away and it transforms into a dining and entertaining area.  i haven't been staying up late because i'm still jet lagged but trying to get onto a Thailand sleep/wake schedule.

each beach has developed it's own atmosphere and they are all connected to a path that runs along the coast.  the zen beach has an area where the stones have been piled up.  it's pretty hot - like in the 90s with high humidity but it's not so bad when you can pop into the water and cool off.  the snorkeling is good but not as great as down in the lower island chains. 

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