December 18, 2015

luk thep dolls - it's really creepy

few things register a 10 on my creepiness level anymore but this one for me is off the charts.  my first glimpse of this was at the Bangkok airport where i saw two adult asian men carrying dolls.  no big deal - probably toys for their daughters, right?  then why would they be stroking their hair and holding them as if they were real babies?  i wasn't the only who took a second look at what was going on.  i suspected it was a kind of therapy thing for fearful flyers so i dismissed it but turns out i was wrong. 

luk thep are dolls considered to possess a child's spirit.  they are believed to have supernatural powers, bring good fortune and are treated like real children.  it's an exploding trend in Thailand [who are a superstitious bunch anyhow].  

airlines have created policies around luk thep passengers - even selling seats for them.

it's like a Thai marketing executive with a bad quarter saw the movie Chuckie and created the trend.  don't laugh, i've worked at companies that have come up with really bizarre strategies.  whether it's a trend that goes away or a superstition that hangs around my first glimpse of it was really creepy.  so if you've been following my posts about flying the regional airlines you now understand why i recommend you get a luk thep.

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