December 14, 2015

traveling is not always fun

after some time in the US i'm headed from Denver, Colorado to Thailand for a month of snorkeling, yoga, pad thai and i'm packed - my flight is 8AM in the morning so as i climb into bed to get a full night of sleep i check my inbox and get this email.... 

what follows is a series of delays and missed connections that turn my 30 hours of travel to Thailand into 96 hours of transit time.  i lost all my upgrades as i scrambled to get any seat on a flight going in a westerly direction, so yeah, getting there is not always fun.  

Bangkok Airways gets a special post since they were by far the nastiest of anyone i had to deal with.  the final leg of my journey was a 30 minute ferry ride and the usually calm crossing was so rough that bags stacked on one side of the ferry were flying across to the other side.  honestly, after the trip i'd had i wouldn't have been shocked if the boat went over.  when i got to the island and showered i crawled into bed and slept for 15 hours.

thank you to all the employees of ANA, United and Thai airlines who tried so hard to make the trip as easy as possible when everything is going wrong.  i usually buy travel insurance through World Nomads because it provides in country emergency medical care and evacuation back to the US but it also provides travel delay and interruption coverage.  i've never had to place a claim but i'll be sending in one now and see how they perform on the policy.

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