December 23, 2015

the bungalow

the bungalow i'm in this time is a different location but it fits me perfectly - it's on the jungle side instead of the beach side which means it's a bit more quiet and that's good because it's high season.  on the beaches the development is pretty dense so when a property is full it gets a bit crowded for me.  

there's a great patio, small living area that opens to the kitchen, a separate bed and bath area in a very typical western style.  it's a bit pricey for the island but it is high season and one of my least favorite things to do is spend a lot of time looking for accommodations.  the weekly price is 4000 Baht or $110.  it's surrounded by coconut trees and occasionally you'll see one drop to the ground.  

the 'street' getting to the bungalow is really just a big sandy path that turns into a river of mud anytime it rains.  this one section covered in water never dried out the whole time i was there but it built my confidence on the scooter as i learned to navigate the river and wet sand without even a minor wipeout.

this bungalow is between a couple of houses and so there are actually two wireless networks that i can access so if one is down i just switch over to the other.  in general the wireless access on the island is fast and consistent.  unless it rains.... then you lose electricity.  

the one factor that usually divides the price of accommodations is air conditioning and although it's cool enough in the evenings it's pretty warm mid day so it's nice to have but not really necessary this time of year.

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