March 7, 2016

giggling like schoolgirls

i had plans to meet up with one of my neighbors for a cocktail and i chose one of the well established restaurants on Gaylord Street.  it's next door to a marijuana dispensary.  as we sat outside on the patio drinking our wine i started playing a game in my head.  which of the well dressed passerby were headed to the dispensary?  i brought my friend into the game and soon enough we were chatting with our server about the implications of legal dope smoking in Colorado.  you know where this is going right?  

yep, my friend and i end up over at the dispensary looking for something to help up sleep better at night.  seriously, we weren't looking for some buds to smoke or a high but an edible that would have us sleeping like babies.  i told the greeter we'd never been in a shop before and go easy on us because we were newbies.  the guy [well dressed and middle aged] who walked in right after us laughed and commented, 'oh you ladies are going to enjoy this'.  after checking our ids for age and residency we are admitted into the shop where a budtender [yes, that's what they call them] was standing in front of a bar with shelves of product behind her.  molly was very helpful.

it was like walking into a high end chocolate shop.  lots of different choices and pleasant, knowledgeable staff willing to answer our questions.  we'd been warned off the chocolate and both our server at the restaurant [who had way more experience than she was admitting] and our budtender recommended we try the gummies for an easy night of sleep.  we were in and out in less than 10 minutes which included some additional browsing so kudos to Lucky Sky for making that a great shopping experience.  wish i could say the same about the Whole Paycheck in Cherry Creek where it might take longer and cost just as much to get a few slices of cheese.

we left with our black sealed bag of edibles and laughed all the way to my car where we split up the goods.  my friend started opening the top which is the typical childproof cap for drugs in Colorado.  not understanding her strength she gave up and passed it to me.  i put my hand on the cap and it fell off.  this sent us into another fit of laughter and we blamed it on a contact high from being in the shop.

we divy up the goods and here's my half of the purchase.  we talk about how much take and agree we should cut the dosage in half as recommended by the budtender for 'nonsmokers like us'. unlike my few experiences with smoking pot when i was growing up there was nothing that felt dirty or shameful about buying our gummies.  total investment $24 for the bottle.    

the next day, after a good night of sleep, i wondered, were we supposed to tip the budtender?

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