March 25, 2016

london - not being a tourist

i had a good relaxing time in london.  tried not to be a tourist but was willingly taken anywhere my friends wanted to go.  had some great food - fantastic thai, impressive pizza and yummy veggie burgers.  i did two of the mueseums... the British Museum because i wanted to see the Rosetta Stone [amazing] and the Royal Academy of Arts because they had a Monet exhibit [like the Art Institute of Chicago].

London is so massive [8.5 million people!] it's a 45 minute [minimum] subway ride anywhere and forget using a Uber - just too much traffic.  i'm a small town girl and the closeted air of the underground was claustrophobic for me.  also, with the shadow of the Brussels attacks just a few days ago it makes a person wary to be in a crowded public place.  

i had a chance to go up to Cambridge and it was nice to get out of the big city and see the old colleges that are so often referenced in the US.  

when i landed it was warm and sunny but mostly it's been spring weather here.  rainy, cold and overcast but the spring flowers and trees are blooming everywhere.  there are thousands of dafodils blooming - i can hardly believe there are any left for the rest of the world. 

mostly it was great to spend time with one of my closest friends who i had not seen since 2013 and meet up with some other UK friends.  

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