March 29, 2016

goodbye london

i woke up the last day in London to sunny skies and the news that a plane out of Egypt had been hijacked.

it's bad enough to see that after the bombing last week of the airport in Brussels that but the authorities in Cyprus on TV were saying it wasn't a terrorist attack [really? tell that to the people kidnapped] and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades responded to a reporter's question about whether the hijacker was motivated by romance, laughed and said  "Always there is a woman involved".  hey asshole - here's a news flash - the person hijacking the plane was a MAN.  

GOOD JOB CYPRUS.  your politicians make Trump look presidential.

also, to the dick head that hijacked the plan and later threw a letter off the plane to his ex wife - next time use a stamp.  

i think my tolerance has sunken to new levels.  as i clear security at Heathrow for my flight out, my rucksack is unpacked, rexrayed and swabbed for explosives. they take away my toothpaste which was a medium size with just a few drops left.  i just hope everyone else on my flight is as well screened.

recently i seem to get rerouted alot and my brother, knowing this, suggests if they try to reroute you through egypt today - decline.  

once on the 'safe side' of security i beeline for the United Club - there is always a pleasant face there, fast wireless, free food and cocktails.   and a power outlet at every seat that accommodates both uk and us power cords.  what else could a girl ask for?

the stop at the united club may have been a mistake when the next leg of my journey plays out but in the moment i was loving it.

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