April 23, 2010

golden ticket

my whole life i have been in a hurry to get to the next place wherever that might be.  it wasn't any different yesterday when i left Tioman for KL.  it took all day and ended with me riding the subway in KL at 7PM looking for my hotel i booked and wondering what the hell i was doing.  i'm sure it didn't help that my back was on fire and itching with a combination of sunburn, jungle rot and bug bites.  in the end it all worked out great.  i'm staying in the chinatown area which was crazy with vendors and cheap knockoff.

i was looking forward to trying the fish pedicure where you put your feet into a tank filled with doctor fish [Caroline did this and told me about it] but it felt like bugs swarming on my feet and i couldn't do it. 

this morning i took the metro into the city center.  it's not user friendly and mostly by dumb luck i end up at my destination which is Petronas Towers and queue for a ticket to the skybridge.  there's a limited number of tickets given per day so i walk away like i'm the winner of a golden ticket for willie wonka's chocolate factory.   it was cooler to see the building than to ride up to the skybridge which took over an hour because of the lines and security and the required 15 minute commercial about Petrona.  here's the shot from the bridge.

what was really cool is they built a beautiful symphony hall in the Towers and i got a ticket [no line] for a performance tonight of a Malaysian performance.

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