April 12, 2010


it’s been rainy in Singapore but not really a problem yet. i’ve ducked into a few museums and missed it for the most part. i borrowed an umbrella from my hotel but can see an investment in my own coming up soon. the asian civilizations museum was interesting but i was too lazy to read all the signs myself so i took the guided tour. pretty much what i learned is that people have been doing weird shit for or because of religion for a long time. Last night I connected with Scott’s friend Ricky here for dinner and tour of the central business district which is beautifully lit at night.

the sign at the deli today said pig organ soup was the special. can’t wait to see what they are serving in Indonesia. Ricky is taking me for the day to Indonesia which is just across the water from Singapore.

Singapore is as advertised. small, ultramodern, clean, super safe and the food fantastic. around the city are food courts with food choices as mixed as the cultures here. the people are well educated, traveled and friendly. i am staying in the area called little India which is self explanatory. the economy here is thriving and quite healthy. i guess they have a bunch of the jobs that used to be in the US.

no starbucks today although the green circle taunts me from street corners.

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