April 13, 2010


Indonesia was a unique experience. i was able to see the factories that make all the crap we buy. i also saw the buildings that house the workers, earning less than US$200 monthly, who live at the factory so they can make all the crap we buy. i visited a local Indonesian family who had a store and lived in some rooms in the back. the whole place was less than 500 square feet without running water.

the local market was filled with the cheap clothing and household goods that the Indonesians buy. there was a section that was an open air food market. the flies and overwhelming smell of rotting food had me making a very fast exit. along the way i tried several new fruits the only name i remember is the dragon fruit.

we went to the mall where it as packed. you can get anything there. i had a 1 hour massage for $12 US. on the ferry ride back there was a boarding by the Singapore coast guard. they take security very seriously. in the subways they have video screens with graphic photos of the London bombings with warnings about terrorism.

Ricky has been a phenonmenal Singapore host and i am glad to have met him. we had many discussions about the economic, political and social enviornments of southeast aisa which will help me better understand the cultures i am traveling through.

Ricky stops at starbucks on our way to the ferry but i decline.

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