April 4, 2016

after the airport

ok. ok.  i am obsessed with airports and travels.  there is more coming on this subject... although my friend in London commented on this obsession that because i travel so much i must be a good traveler.  not true. 

more importantly, i want to share some pictures from my garden.  i've been living in what is commonly known as the 'indian compound' because, you guessed it, it's owned by and mostly occupied by indians.  let's start with the fun stuff... there are two beautiful tortoises in the compound.  i look for and talk to them every day.  they don't talk back.  when the owner of the compound asked me 'are you comfortable' i didn't want to be rude so i said 'i love your tortoises - they are so beautiful' and he said, 'yes, thank you, we used to have more, but then the Chinese came and even the big one we had to rescue back from them'.  i said, 'yes, it is like this everywhere - the Burmese say the same about the snakes - there are none here because the Chinese eat them'.  

there are also some beautiful gekkos [big lizards] that i love seeing.  so no lions, elephants or exotics yet but a tour of the safari circuit is coming up at the end of May so soon you will be bored and envious of all my up close and personal exotic animal photos i will be posting.

in my first week here in Moshi i wake up every day at 5AM because that's when the mosque thinks everyone should start praying.  it's hard with the jet lag to get back to sleep but they don't seem to care.  they carry on every day with their constant call to morning prayers. but, i said i would start with the good stuff and so i will stop here.

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