April 20, 2016

yellow fever in africa

before i left the US i did a check of the cdc website and because Tanzania is low risk for yellow fever, i decided not to get this vaccination.  unfortunately all the countries surrounding Tanzania are problematic so getting back into the country if i cross a border would require some bullshitting.  

of course, anything that involves a needle in a developing country is a HUGE flag for me.  i cringe 
at the thought of possibly getting HIV from a dirty needle.  i am however supposed to be in Nairobi next week so i decide i should do this.  i called the embassy but they were of no help on this issue.  after a little local investigation, i find out it's available right down the street at the shanty town dispensary.  

what happens is probably one of the best medical related experiences i've ever had in my life.  the clinic is clean and the staff are happy.  60,000TZS [$30US] and five minutes later i am out the door.

the needle and vaccine came out of the box in a bubble package so i relaxed about the dirty needle issues and let her prick me.  as you can see she quite enjoyed it.  the second nurse in the room wanted her picture taken too.

it's bizzare to me that it was so easy to get a shot and so hard to get a driver's license.

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