April 6, 2016

the indian compound

let it be known that i love Indian food and culture.  there is a joy and energy that surrounds Indians that i am drawn to and love.  so i don't write this with any type of stereotypical judgement.  

salema is my cleaning girl
part of the relocation package i was offered included the first month's accommodations.  i assumed [wrongly] that it would be a soft place to land.  good housing so i could jump into the monumental task of building a strategic plan that could be executed against for the next year while i looked for more permanent housing.  that is not what i got.

hey, it's Africa right?  it's humiliating for me to even describe the housing i've been put into so i'm not going to share photos at this time but it's such a distraction and takes time away from the real work as i spend hours every week hunting down leads on decent housing.

so i'll go into the security thing next.  then some positive stuff, i promise.

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