April 29, 2016

out of the indian compound

my time at the indian compound has come to an end.  i am moving to a new location that is just three kilometers from the office.  it's out of town and in a quiet, western populated, upscale area called ironically, Shanty Town.

the compound i am in now is called Tatu because that's the name of the NGO here and everyone knows who they are.  i'm living on the second floor with a spanish guy who is a kili guide and safari organizer.  on the first floor, in the same square footage there are 9 - 11 volunteers working and living in dorm style housing.  they are mostly in their twenties - just looking for some experience but it's great having them on the compound. 

there is rope stretched across one area and at first i thought it was for laundry but it's a volleyball court and it's nice to hear them outside after work or on the weekends hitting a ball around.  there is also a slackline - so i'll be giving that a try soon.  there is a huge terrace that faces kilimanjaro and farm fields so i put out my yoga mat and practice there is in the mornings when it is cool.

it's 100 times better than the last place i was and after the first week, in which there was no hot water, the urge to check on return flights to the US is starting to diminish.

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