June 7, 2016

dhl for giraffes

true story.  i spent 3 hours at the dhl office to get a shipment off to europe.  the most facinating thing about sitting there while they packed the order was this photo on the wall.  so someone, please explain to me, what exactly is dhl delivering to the giraffes?  

it's not just me, i showed my photo of the photo to another expat who said wow, i'm going to their offices just to get a photo of that.

and this explosion of clown confetti?  yeah, that's how dhl africa packs the boxes.  i can only imagine what the guy in belgium is going to think when he opens these.  but it's not possible to buy bubble wrap here so it is actually an environmentally good alternative.  every day i fight the [mostly accurate] perception that anything produced in Africa is substandard.  this does not help the fight.

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