June 6, 2016

lazy sunday

not every day is a work day and with a plethora of hotels in the area i found one just a short walk away that allows guests to use the pool for 5000 TZS [$2USD] each day.  it's still kinda winter here so the water is freezing and as you can see from the photo they plant trees that cover most of the pool most of the day so the water doesn't really warm up.  still, the water is clean and it's refreshing so i wander over from time to time and lay out at the pool for a while.  the sign pointing to the hotel is like a neon light that would have been cool in south beach in the 50s.  now it's just a sad little posting that is easy to overlook when you drive down the street.
the hotel is a lower to mid market property so there always a weird mix of people there.  although the north of Tanzania is christian, there are still muslims about here and so i do see women covered from their ankles to their wrists swimming about in the pool.  i don't judge them for that and i'm comfortable in my bikini even if their men do stare but that is life in a mixed environment.  it is a good place to spend a lazy sunday afternoon and soak up some sun.  plus, i'm planning a trip to Zanzibar which is an island off the coast at the end of the month so i need to get a little bit of sun before then.  

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