June 14, 2016

vanilla is not boring

why vanilla?  vanilla is the second highest valued spice [after saffron] on the global market.  global demand for raw vanilla far exceeds what is produced today and it's a volatile marketplace because very few people control access to 80% of the global production.  in addition, one tropical storm can decimate the crop of Madagascar, producer of the 80% vanilla available globally.

the altitude and rich volcanic soil found in northern Tanzania and around Kilimanjaro is exceptional for the production of vanilla.  it creates higher concentrations of vanillian [the component evaluated for quality of vanilla pods].

so mom, that's why your vanilla extract is so expensive.  bad news, it's going to get more expensive.  the reports out of Madagascar are the crops will be under performing leaving a huge gap in demand vs. availability.

vanilla is used everywhere in so many things, ice cream, yogurt, baked goods, my baths [haha just kidding] the vanilla at the factory is under lock because the value is so high.

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