June 7, 2016

yoga and puppy love

this is really about a trip to Nairobi.  it's time for a visa run so i head up to check on my distributors there and some suppliers.  remember how i said they don't manufacture anything here?  well that goes for printing as well so we get our printing of labels etc. done in Nairobi and unless i go to the office and sit with the account rep and the designer they can't be motivated to do anything.  i get to the airport and find my flight cancelled.  i have to wait an additional 4 hours which screws up my meetings in Nairobi.  i hate sitting in airports anyway but here's what i look like after 6 hours at the Jaro airport.  it's a 45 minute flight but since it's considered international you have to arrive 2 hours advance.  it takes an hour to get to the airport. that's 4 hours with no delays so any delay makes the flight just silly since you can get a 6 hour shuttle from Moshi to Nairobi for $15.  without the proper paperwork i don't want to try a land crossing of the borders here so i haven't done the shuttle.

plus, this time i'm returning friday to Dar instead of Moshi for a weekend of yoga with one of my friends.  the property on the beach where we were staying had a fresh litter or puppies so in the morning it was yoga, breakfast, then puppy time.  met some wonderful people and got in some beach time and yoga.  the ocean is wild and strong here.  nothing like the gulf where the water always seems warm and calm.

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