July 11, 2016

leaving zanzibar

after almost a week on the island i am heading back to moshi.  there's a lack of prosperity and strange feeling of despair that i feel on the island.  perhaps it's the spirits of thousands of slaves that died here and are forever tied to this place.  there are many beautiful high end resorts in which you can stay, never stepping outside the bubble to experience the extreme poverty that is the norm on zanzibar.  

that wasn't a luxury i had - it was a business trip and i was constantly exposed to the less luxurious side of the island.  

the sunsets here are as beautiful as sunsets around the world and i enjoyed each one.  there were moments of relaxation and i am grateful for the chance to have seen an island that i have heard so much about.  to get in a day of swimming with the fish and turtles and other sea creatures.  

 i did take the time to get a henna tattoo and this picture probably captures the best moments of the trip.  i don't expect to get in another trip to zanzibar but i think one visit was enough for me.

the trip back to moshi was faster as there weren't any stops along the way and we get a breathtaking view of Kilimanjaro and Mawenzi [that's the smaller knob peak to the right] above the clouds that has even the pilot pulling out his camera for photos.  
it's a work day for me so as soon as i land i head into the office to catch up with the team.

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