July 4, 2016


having arrived safely in Zanzibar and found our hotel in Stone Town we set out for a roof top dinner and sunset.  Zanzibar has a sketchy past, being most well known for it's slave trade.  they try to pass it off as a 'spice island' but that's just bad marketing.
happy hour at the ritz carlton

anyways, in between meetings in Stone Town i manage to see quite a bit of it and am happy to have some friends around as well.  one night we do a sunset boat tour and just being on the water makes me happy.

sunset cruise on a dhow
 there was a mixture of storms while i was on the island so not the best weather and more than once i got caught out in a storm.

Stone Town for me wasn't such a special place and after the weekend I moved across the island for meetings and to see what potential the island might hold for us.  

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