July 6, 2016

north coast of zanzibar Mnemba atoll

it's just an hour or so to get to the north side of the island from Stone Town and i'm trying to stay on budget but the company's reimbursable expense is very low.  about $20USD per night for accommodations and $6.88USD per day for food.  hahaha.  i don't think i've ever come close to those numbers.  i did stay at a cheap place the first night but it was horrible so i moved the next day and ended up spending $75USD per night.  

i had a few meetings [with chefs at some high end resorts - so i do get fed a lot of good food].  in this job i've discovered that chefs love to feed you and you can't say no when they are telling servers to bring food and drinks to your table.  maybe that's why i've been putting on pounds.  

one day i get out on a dive trip and it's phenomenal except it's a cloudy day.  still the marine life around the atoll is spectacular and i see a ton of great sea life.  the beaches i visited on Zanzibar are not so spectacular but the water around the island is the turquoise blue you see around the pacific islands.  the water is really cold and i hate diving in a wet suit but it's a fantastic day in the water and i love every minute of it.

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