May 15, 2010

chiang mai

last night as i was downstairs getting a tea i noticed all the servers were clustered around the tv. of course the newscast is in Thai so i don't understand a thing. when i ask they tell me the red shirt general has been shot. when i flew up to Chiang Mai they were putting together an agreement for the Red Shirts to disband and now it appears the agreement has fallen apart. thousands of new protesters are still streaming into the city so they have fresh bodies coming in all the time.
i haven't seen any demonstrations around the old city of Chiang Mai where i am staying although there was a large contingent of police officers at one of the old city gates.

i met an Aussie who had been around for a few days and we talked about the city and stuff to do. he had been out to an elephant sanctuary but not the one i want to to go. he said there was a month wait to go there and i wondered if that's just what the travel agent told him. when i check online i can get to THE elephant sanctuary any day i want so i book an overnight for next week. i feel sorry for the guy who got managed into a trip probably because there was a kickback involved. the travel agents here are brutal. anyway i got the trip i wanted.

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