May 13, 2010

fat white western beach

ferry to a new island.  so i am now on Ko Samui and stay on Chewang beach would could be renamed fat drunk westerner beach.  i'm amazed i've been able to avoid this scene and have enjoyed the essence of the islands without the noise and drug fueled antics of the white man.  this is just a stopover as i fly to Chiang Mai tomorrow.

the longboats in this picture are what the locals use to go out fishing and at sunset they come back with the catch of the day that goes on to the grill on beach for dinner.  the idea of fish that fresh is tempting but in the end i feel so sorry for the fish that i just have roasted corn and potatos.  i eat pad thai that is exquisite.  i've been advised to induldge in the Thai food as much as possible in preparation for Indochine and i've taken that advice.  then anouther beautiful sunset.


  1. Wheeeee! I'm caught up and love it! Please keep on posting...

  2. Chiang Mai. Take a Thai cooking class from Yui @ A Lot of Thai, , be sure to try her restaurant Humming Bar. Great, fresh, well-prepared and authentic Thai food. Sunday Market rocks. Be sure to stop anywhere and often for cheap, cheap Thai massage, the foot massage is a wonderful break from shopping the Markets.