May 12, 2010

language of dive

after a night at Coconut Beach i move farther up the coast to Had Yao which is deserted. i find accommodations on the beach and jump into the water for a swim.  the water is less than hip deep out past the reef which is about 300 yards out.  i put my foot down and like a knife a bit of coral cuts my foot.  deep.

next i hit the dive shop.  there is a universal language of diving that bonds you with other people in a way that supersedes any vocalized language.  i go out on a dive trip and immediately know half the people on my beach. 

at the first dive stop we swim into a cavern filled with fish and a spotlight of sun provides great visibility.  it is incredible the coral is phenomenal, 12 foot fans, coral heads that are 15 - 20 feet wide.  i am in awe.

at the second dive stop i find a school of anchovies and swim into the middle.  sitting quietly the fish close around me like a halo and i spend magical moments floating among the fish.

there is a beach on the north side of the island which has an incredible reef.  i am relieved to see the health of the reefs here and know that they have not been destroyed by visitors.

next i am off to Koh Samui for a few days.

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